Top 10 Digital Marketing Questions Before Choosing As A Full-Time Career [2022-2023]

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we know how precious your time is. that’s exactly why our team has structured this long article in the format of the questions.
these questions were raised by almost every student who wishes to pursue their dream as a digital marketer.
after going through all of these questions, we frankly assure you, that many of your confusing corners will start to connect and will make sense for making your career decision.


What Is Digital Marketing In Simplest Term?

Digital marketing is simply connecting with the people using the world wide web on the social media channels [Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Quora, Snapchat, Tick-tock, etc] and search engines [Google, Bing, Yahoo Duckduckgo, Baidu,, etc]

Hence, digital marketing led to the process of communicating, advertising, and engaging our target audience or users. Digital marketing is the web model of marketing. as these days trends are shifting online at a speed of light, marketing on the web becomes of utmost importance for brands, businesses, and influencers. Therefore marketing on online portals like social media channels and search engines becomes crucial to stay in the market and better connect with the audiences.

Let’s use the simplest example – The teacher uses zoom to teach their students. a way to establish better and fast communication. Teachers use zoom to engage and advertise their courses in form of free or paid webinars. That’s how the web is used for engagement, advertising, and communicating with our users.

But ever wondered why is the name ‘digital’- Because performing marketing using online channels creates intangible effects on users. Hence the word ‘digital’ is used more widely than ‘online’ or ‘web’ marketing [intangible means something we can’t touch and feel].

Some more examples to help you understand what is digital marketing practically.

A social influencer will use social media to inform his activity to his audience, advertise his products to his audience, and at last communicate to his audience using social media platforms like Instagram.

Nike, a gigantic shoe brand uses social media portals to advertise its products. Nike uses Twitter to address the gap between its users and the brand furthermore inform its users about its new launches.

You must be wondering how do digital marketers perform digital marketing?
And that’s exactly why you need to learn how digital marketing functions. still, we are providing a short demonstration of its functions on question no. 8.


is digital marketing still a boom?

The answer is a big yes!

Traditional marketing has evolved and shaped itself as digital marketing many years back in the international markets.

In 1990 Digital marketing started to change the world. Since then international markets have seen lots of innovations [the internet era, e-commerce boom, social media platforms, etc]. These innovations fueled digital marketing to get more and more advance. to the present date, many new startups and innovations are constantly evolving digital marketing. Therefore companies will always have a huge demand for digital marketers in the upcoming years.

Let’s talk about some statics –

Wanna Know Hidden Facts About Why Digital Marketing Is Growing Fast In India?

Hence the answer is a Big Yes!


Is Digital Marketing Overloaded By Students?


The fact can’t be hidden that many students are choosing digital marketing as a full-time career. Many students have been observed and monitored by our team upon why they want to pursue this field as a full-time career.

Our reports disclose students consider digital marketing as a –



                                         strictly advise students to never let these criteria build any of their career decisions. Perhaps we advise you to go through all these questions below and also explore out –

Students forget to obtain the right answers to these valuable questions and suffer from career depression.

Our reports disclose digital marketing is flooding by a huge number of students and the numbers will not stop rising.

The good news is, that the demand is equally rising for the aspirants. Hence one can think of pursuing a career in digital marketing without a doubt.


How Many Students Have Opt? And How Many Students Are About To Choose Digital Marketing As A Career? [2022-2023]

The Figure is not clear. digital marketing is among the top emerging career trends in India. But our simple analysis tells us –

Total graduates in the 2021 3.66 crores

That means 40% of them are moving towards this career option – 1.46 crores


What Is The Competition Level In Digital Marketing?

                                         has interacted with many digital marketing experts across the Global market. Our analysis discovered –


How Many Jobs Are There In Digital Marketing?

We have extracted data from the platforms, LinkedIn, monster India, indeed, and Naukri. According to the data, at the present stage, there are 2 million jobs in digital marketing in India.

Global data discloses –

Stay tuned with Soon we will make your dream come true by organizing placements in India, Uk, Australia, etc.


How Much Easy Is It To Land On A Job In Digital Marketing?

Good news!

As Discussed in Question no. 2.

Constant innovations are constantly evolving digital marketing services. Hence, companies are paying high to digital marketers. And providing a huge number of opportunities. the demand is increasing for employees!

You have almost reached half of this premium content. It shows you are a focused person and you are serious about a career in digital marketing.

                                          Appreciates you and discloses a bonus point for you –

Many students step into the digital marketing field but find it hard to beat their competition. It is a result-driven game. If you are unable to get the results then from day one you are in trouble. The clients need results fast hence the companies want employees to get results fast.

In conclusion – is not scaring you but sharing with you the truth, which You will face in companies. So get ready to be highly skillful as possible, in order to the drive results from day one. Don’t worry you are a hard worker. You will make it through!


What Are The Types Of Jobs Digital Marketing?

Content marketer/content strategist/content creator

Seo salary

Search engine optimizer specialist/executive/intern

social media manager/ specialist/executive/intern

senior graphic designer/graphic creator/intern

Email marketer/email content designer/email copywriter

Web developer

web development/website developer/WordPress developer

analytics/google ads analyst/FB ads analyst 

PPC, pay per click

Pay per click specialist/analyst/executive 

performance marketer/executive

e-commerce (online store)

video creator/video designer (upcoming boom!)

virtual reality/metaverse marketing/advertising (upcoming trend!)

gaming advertisement (prepare yourself for the future of marketing)


What Are Some Relevant Career Options Excluding Digital Marketing? [Compare Now]

Data science is a career option that is highly relevant to the internet industry. As a data scientist, you have to extract data and make it look presentable in form of charts and bars to the top management to plan out the company’s future goals.

What exactly is data? What kind of data?
Well, data can be any information. We use data a lot in our daily research and development for an instance, your parents need to research venue, food, beverage, music, etc to successfully plan a wedding.

All this information is nothing but data.

Explore the US market for a Data scientist as a career.

UI ‘user interface’ is also an emerging career option. Presently there are 1.7 billion websites in the world. The no. of websites on the internet is increasing and a good website needs a good design for its pages, buttons, images, video layout, etc. All these elements come under the User interface.

One can pursue a career in the user interface if he/she is passionate about designing and creativity.


What Is Latest Salary Structure In Digital Marketing?

social media specialist

Content writer

social media specialist

digital marketing manager

SEO Specialist

paid media specialist


I Want To Change My Career From Digital Marketing? any road map For Me Individually?

Presently, switching careers is essential for numerous reasons like growth, salary hike, or freedom from toxic work culture. 2 Things will help you successfully change your career field where your passion field waiting for you.


What Be Will My Lifestyle After Choosing Digital Marketing As A Full-Time Career?

As a digital marketer  –

Soon                                          will update more valuable insights on the lifestyle model, including all the hidden elements in the life of digital marketers.
Stay tuned!


What Is The Scope As A Digital Marketing Freelancer In India?

Based on the current market research of CNBC. India ranks in the 7th position globally. Interestingly Pakistan ranks in the 4th position globally.
Clearly! Indians have an enormous market to explore and expand their workforce. Many freelancers are already scaling to new horizons. According to the current trend, now is the best time to become a freelancer and build strong client networking and acquisition.


who are the top Digital Marketers?


net worth – $200 million

net worth – $30 million

net worth – $50 million

In India

net worth – 40 lakh per month approx 

net worth – 1 crore per annum

net worth – $1000 per day


private jobs demand 80% of your time. will i enjoy working as a digital marketer?

You spend 80% of your daytime on a job. Perhaps it is better to know in advance – What your 80% of the day would look like. Would you enjoy it? or Wish to run away from it?  

Detailed personalized overview will be disclosed by our team!


Golden chance!

Digital marketing as a career opens your door to a new upcoming high-salary career option. 

Our team will disclose its salary, projected growth, and your position to grab it as fast as possible. Many digital marketers are secretly drifting toward this incandescent career option which you must not miss out on! 


1 crore per annum!

Yes! digital marketers are making 1 crore per annum easily. The only deal is they are extremely hard workers. which is paying them to live the lifestyle they deserve.

Our team will disclose 5 strategies on how you can also achieve similar results. While learning as a student or working as a digital marketer.


3 industries that will shorten your distance to gold!

Everyone wants gold, hence chasing gold will always be overcrowded. Don’t you worry! we have discovered 3 industries that will shorten your distance to gold. 

These 3 industries have started to make billion-dollar revenue. Interestingly, Mukesh Ambani, Mark Zuckerberg, and top tycoons have invested in recent years. The good news is being an internet marketer your possibility to cope and excel in the upcoming 3 industries will be 65%  higher than the rest profession.

Our team will disclose these industries with a detailed guide on how can you prepare yourself to take advantage as an online marketer. The faster you prepare the better your position in the industry.


stress and pressure as a digital marketer. [honest opinion].

To be very transparent, every counselor wants to sell their course by hook or crook and that’s exactly the job of a counselor. no one will disclose the complete truth behind it. 

Many students complain about why they were not guided completely about the field, as they feel their imagination did not meet with the reality. The simple action to prevent blunders like this is to get to know in advance even before enrolling. 

Triplecorners got your back! our initiative is to guide and nourish students’ career decisions to make regret – Regret. Our team will disclose crucial points you need to know before you start as an online marketer.


heated work culture!

Don’t frighten, everything is fine with the company’s work culture. But your responsibility is to be well prepared before making your career decision as an internet marketer or already working as an internet marketer.

Our team has precious data from many digital marketers about their work culture and employee satisfaction ratio. We will disclose it including the ratio. 

Detailed guide will be published on papers as well as call support. 


1000s of digital marketing institutes in every state!

Every internet marketing institute wants to sell you. in such a overcrowded market choosing the right online marketing institute becomes almost impossible. Every institute seems perfect until enrolled.

Triplecorners advise choosing an institute which satisfy –

To be very frank, you need contacts and resources to find out the real facts about these factors for any institute.

Our team will disclose all the factors and help you discover the best institutes.

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