Best 5 Digital Marketing Companies For Freshers In Mumbai

digital marketing companies

You definitely need a strong start to build a strong career. has assisted you in your endeavor to find some of the best digital marketing companies in Mumbai, Maharastra.

Warning! No digital marketing company or other company is as ideal as our imagination. All we need is good is a good start, tons of digital marketing work to learn the digital skill and experience to negotiate for better wages.


Ally digital media

Founded – 2013
Founders – Abhishek Shah, Hiren Joshi, and Himanshu Verma.

Location – Mumbai, Rajkot, Jaipur, Pune, and Vadodara
International location – Atlanta, Boston, San Jose, and Toronto

Unique selling proposition USP – Ally Digital strongly supports and follows the mission of Digital India laid down by Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi provides cost-effective branding solutions for start-ups in India.

Domains for freshers to start a career

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22Feet Tribal

Founded – 2009

Employees – 260+

Location – Banglore, Mumbai, Gurugra

Domains for freshers to start a career

  • Experience Development
  • Commerce Solutions
  • CMS Integrations
  • Responsive Design
  • Mobile Strategy
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Services Development & Integrations
  • Engagement Strategy
  • Experience Design
  • User Journey Modeling
  • Information Architecture & Wireframing
  • Interaction Design
  • Art Direction
  • Content Strategy & Planning
  • Influencer Outreach & Native Content
  • Photography & Videography
  • Premium Content
  • Web Analytics
  • Social Analytics
  • Online Reputation Management

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MyDigital Crown

Founder – Aditya Pandey

Founded – 15 years ago (2007)

Work Completed – 345+

USP – They believe in planning, research, optimization, and results.

Domains for freshers to start a career – 

  • SEO
  • Social media marketing services
  • Digital strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Web design 
  • Web Development 
  • Youtube Promotion

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Founded – 1998
CEO – Paul Tibbitt
Co-CEO India – Pallav jain

Location – Mumbai, Bangalore, and Gurgaon
International Location – All over the world, explore now!

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USP – The intent tab – The Intent Lab is a research unit created by Performics and Northwestern University Medill in 2016. Through the Intent Lab, we uncover the intent behind consumer purchase behavior and deliver influential marketplace insights to strengthen brand engagement.

Domains for freshers to start a career

  • Performance Media
  • Planning & Insights
  • Performance Solutions
  • PFX Consulting
  • Analytics & Technology
  • Performance Content

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Wat Consult

CEO – Heeru Dingra

Location – Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru

Work portfolio – Explore now!

Team Size – 400+

Domains for freshers to start a career – 

  • Campaign Management
  • Digital and social content
  • Digital video production
  • Mobile marketing
  • Digital media planning and buying
  • E-commerce consulting
  • Online reputation management 
  • Website and app development 

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Disclaimer, the listing of these companies is not on the basis of any rank. They are listed randomly. Make sure to prepare a strong CV.

Best career ahead!

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