10+ High Demanding Digital Marketing Job Roles In Market

10+ High Demanding Digital Marketing Job Roles In Market

Your career is safe! why – 

Hence, we frankly assure our curious readers, that if digital marketing is in your mind. Your digital marketing career is secure.

Warning students! First, you have to make sure you all the insider’s truth about digital marketing. Make sure you get answers to at least 14 digital marketing confusing questions before making up your mind and spirit of working as an online marketer. 



how many digital marketing job roles are there?

There are many job roles in digital marketing companies. Each digital media company has its policy for digital job roles. Hence you may or may not find all of these digital marketing job roles in an internet marketing company. Nevertheless, we shall provide you with complete digital marketing job data below –

To better understand digital marketing job roles we have categorized Digital Job roles into 5 different top to bottom digital marketing job hierarchies.


What are the top hierarchical digital marketing jobs? or Top-level digital marketing jobs? or Senoir level digital markeitng jobs?

After analyzing many large digital marketing enterprises. our team comes up with the data of top-level digital marketing jobs, after working for several years you may have to handle these digital marketing jobs roles belong to top management. Your digital marketing leadership will be tested under these digital marketing job roles.

Digital Marketing Job Roles : Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

motivate employees
risk factors in digital marketing

Is known as the boss of the digital marketing department. A Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) monitors the complete digital marketing operations.

Trains and motivates digital marketing staff. Plans budget and digital marketing investments. One thing separates Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) from all the digital marketing employees, that is the capacity to take and manage risks with the allocated budgets for digital marketing or advertising for the digital marketing company.

Digital Marketing Job Roles : Marketing Manager (mO)

marketing operations, digital marketing operations
marketing operations, digital marketing operations

A marketing manager has different but simultaneously similar job roles to of digital marketing manager.

A marketing manager is responsible for monitoring the overall marketing of a company. He/she will be supervising the digital marketing department as well as the offline marketing department.

A marketing manager works just one level below Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). He/she also works closely with influencers and celebrities for paid promotion of the company’s product or service.


What are the digital marketing job roles at the operational level?

The operational level has many digital marketing job roles. We have categorized each and explained very clearly each of its job roles. We have also included some hidden digital marketing job roles below – 

Digital Marketing Job Roles : Social Media Manager (SMM)

Social Media Marketing, Social Media Marketing jobs , Social Media Marketing Management, Social Media Marketing Certifications
customer relationship management, wordpress

A social media manager mostly works on the Digital channels like Twitter, Linkedin, etc. According to oberlo.in expected to grow by 3.96 billion. Hence an online presence of the brand on social media is not crucial but a necessary evil. 

A social media manager’s job roles include monitoring customer relationships and customer complaints, and solving customer queries on digital channels. The Digital marketing job roles of social media managers also include handling effectively CRM – customer relationship management software to obtain leads and boost conversions.

The Digital marketing job roles of social media managers look super fun and easy but it’s not there is a lot of competition in the digital market. Hence regular posting and creating content may not necessarily drive sales. 

Social media managers have to be 24/7 alert on – 

A social media manager has to track all of these metrics to drive optimal results for the digital marketing company. 

You must be thinking –

"How can I Possibility track all those users on social media 24/7? It is impossible. I don't have 1000 years left in my life account"

The Solution is CRM customer relationship management software. There are many such software in the digital market to not only help social media managers but for all the digital marketing job roles. A CRM tracks and updates social media managers on all the online activity performed by a user on digital channels.

Digital Marketing Job Roles : Community Manager (CM)

community, digital community manage, digital marketing community manager
community, digital community manage, digital marketing community manager

The digital marketing job role of a Community Manager is to build, regulate and nurture the social community on social channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

The prime job role of a community manager is to manage the community of customers on social media by solving the complains, makes their audience engage, answering queries, and finally updating when the product or service launches. 

Don’t get confused between the digital marketing job roles of social media managers and community managers. Both work on the social media channels but one only handles and regulates communities (groups) and the other manger the entire social media channels, right from creating content, graphic designing, posting, advertising, etc.

Digital Marketing Job Roles : Digital Content Creator

Content Creator jobs, Digital Content Creator

The digital marketing job role of a content manager is to create posts, reels, stories, polls, QnA, etc on the digital marketing channels. 

 A content creator writes SEO-friendly content to help in rankings on the SERP of google and social media channels. A content creator is not responsible for creating and adding visual elements like graphics and images and color. 

Indeed content creator writes content and sends it to a graphic designer to add creatives.


Digital Marketing Job Roles : Copywriter

Copywriting Jobs, Ad copies, Copywriter

Many students have confusion about the digital marketing job roles of copywriters. Who are they? Well, copywriters are short-to-the-point content writers.

Copywriters make ads meaningful by delivering a short message addressing the digital marketing product or digital marketing service. Still, confusion, have you noticed ads on social media channels inside stories, in between posts, etc. 

Those short message ads are called ad copies. And those ad copies deliver short messages to the users. That is why copywriters are short-to-the-point content writers. Making attractive ad copies and using hook messages to get many clicks are the digital marketing job roles of a copywriter.

What is ad copy, again?

  •  Ad copies are ads displayed on digital marketing channels like on google search engine and social media channels. A person who writes content on the ad copies is simply a copywriter.

And you have mentioned Hook Messages? – 

  • Grab the offer for just a penny! offer ends today 
  • 25000$ in just two weeks, learn how!

Would you click on the ads like this? 

That’s what is called hook messages – They are short-to-the-point and very effective.  

Digital Marketing Job Roles : SEO/SEM Specialist

SEO Specialist, Search Engine Optimization Jobs

The digital marketing job roles of an SEO specialist include improving the rankings of a website on the SERP – Search Engine Result Page through the organic web traffic.

  • SERP is simply the 1st 2nd 3rd and so on pages of google. For an instance, you Searched for digital marketing certifications on google. Google will check your query in its Engine (Tons of blogs). Afterward, Google will show the Results on its front Page. That It!

What is organic traffic?

  •  First, you must understand what is online traffic? Well, Traffic is gathering a large number of vehicles together. Similarly gathering of large no. searches on a website are called online traffic. when a user searches on google anything, the moment you visit any of the websites shown by google is called an organic user, not a direct user. Similarly, when multiple users visit that website we call it organic traffic. 

Digital Marketing Job Roles : Website developer

The digital marketing job role of a website developed is to develop a website using coding like e-commerce websites, food chain websites, social media websites, etc.

I hate coding, but still, I want to be a website developer to start freelancing, tell me how?

Triplecorners.com always got your back! don’t you worry! There is a CMS – content management software that will help you build a website with 0 codes, only drag and drop the templates and images and your website is ready and live. That’s Amazing! The CMS is called WordPress you can check it out here!

Digital Marketing Job Roles : Pay Per Click Specialist

PPC (pay per click specialist)

The digital marketing job role of a pay per click specialist is to run ads on digital marketing channels like google and social media channels. A pay per click specialist runs ads with a budget. He/she analysis the ad engagement, how many leads have been generated, and what is the conversion rate of users. (when a user becomes our client when calling it a conversion)

Digital Marketing Job Roles : Digital PR

Digital PR

The digital marketing job roles of a digital PR is to connect with influencers on the social media platform to collaborate for paid promotion of a company. Digital PR is responsible for building public relations to increase brand awareness for a company. 



What is the salary of the above digital marketing job roles?

Click here! 

Explore the present salary slab of digital marketing job roles.

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