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Digital Marketing Packages


Explore the Highest digital marketing packages. Our guide is quick-easy to implement from day one. Our team researched based on the data from all over India to quote the most accurate figures. somewhere in the guide, we have added a bonus interview point for the online marketers working as fresher or about to start in the field of digital marketing. Read the detailed guide patiently and add a valuable skill today!


what are the present digital marketing packages in India?

digital marketing intern

Digital Marketing Intern

5000/- to 8000/- Per month (3 to 6 Months Max)

Digital Marketing Frehers

Digital Marketing Fresher

15000/- to 25000/- Per month

Digital Marketing Executive

Digital Marketing Executive

30000/- to 40000/- Per month (1st year)

Digital Marketing Senior Executive

Digital Marketing Senior Executive

45000/- to 60000/- Per month (2nd year)

Digital Marketing Specialist

62000/- to 75000/- Per month (3rd year)

Digital Marketing Senior Specialist

Digital Marketing Senior Specialist

75000/- to 90000/- Per month (4th year)

Digital Marketing Manager

Starting from 1 Lakh per month (5th year)

Digital Marketing Head

Starting package 27 Lakh per annum


how can I reduce the gap to 1 lakh per month in less years?

Simple – learn the skills, invest in the skill and negotiate with your employer. You will get a huge hike in salary without a doubt. Companies know how valuable are those employees who are rich in skills and constantly acquiring new skill sets.

Remember your skill sets are your worth, you have the right to negotiate with your employer for higher digital marketing packages.
You can also switch companies to get a gigantic hike in salary every 3-4 years.

Warning! much guidance is needed to switch companies. We hope you wouldn’t fall prey to these pitfalls-

Connect to our team to examine your decision on switching a company. is exactly the platform that uncovers your best future move through Paper Counselling. Visit now!


Digital Marketing packages By Job Profiles (entry level)

Seo salary

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation Executive)

₹1,76,578 to ₹4,58,532 per annum

PPC, pay per click

PPC (Pay Per Click Analyst)

₹3 lakhs per annum

Web developer

Web Developer

₹ 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs per annum

Social Media Marketing Executive

₹2,52,444 to ₹6,85,923 per annum


Why companies are offering me low Digital Marketing Packages?

First, you must understand why being  “jack of all trades and master of none” is dangerous to you. (A person who is engaged in many skills but master of none).

The work culture around you explains in very simple language why you can’t afford to fall in this category of people if you wish to earn higher digital marketing packages.

Remember! you have to be the expert in the area you are passionate about to grab the top digital marketing Packages.
Now you know! why you need to avoid being the jack of all trades and master of none.


I was offered a low digital marketing package, from the interview panel. my friend had been offered much higher than I. why?

The answer – Extra skills simply, learn below how –


Help me! my interview is very close, I cant prepare for extra skills like these. what should I do to get offered higher digital marketing packages?

Don’t worry! got you back!

 You have crossed halfway to our honest guide “Top Digital Marketing packages “. It seems you are a hard worker and much more passionate to fly in the skies. awards you a bonus point which we cover in our paid sessions.

The hack is –

Ask your mentors about interview questions privately, as private conversations between mentors and students tend to be more personalized. There is a higher chance a personal conversation ends up opening more hints for the upcoming events like “An Interview”. The result mentor would probably end up giving you a hint on the upcoming interview. It could be anything like –

If you figured out your interviewer likes to play badminton, then try to gain all updates like current affairs on badminton globally. Show him/her you love this sport and practice regularly.

The result – the interviewer will judge you as a healthy and energetic person (one of the most important criteria for selection)

As a result – The interviewer will tend to prefer you over the others. You added some Extra points for your performance. Now your chances of selection are definitely higher than the one who is not aware of this hack.

Bravo! you have the weapon now. we can feel your simile! we told you got your back at every point of your life, be it whether a fresher or experienced working professional.


Stop it! Forget About high digital marketing packages. the interviewers will never offer you a job.

You don’t use to trust friends in school who used to change the group circle too often. Similarly, a company never trusts an employee who switches companies too often whether for –

But what are the solutions? I can’t just work if I don’t achieve any of these 3 objectives in my company. Here is our solution – advises freshers to be strong and brave like tigers. you have to fight in your initial years to come up as a great leader. “Iron becomes stronger when they are heated in high temperature – remember that always fellows”. Once you are heated in the initial years then a lucrative career awaits you. Top digital marketing packages, exceptional skills, and company leadership – Take that all! advises experienced employees to don’t leave a company unless it is unbearable to work. The great advantage you gain if you don’t leave a company is you can easily get promoted to the next level in the hierarchy because you have been a loyal employee in your previous company, you deserve a seat in the top management or broad member, companies understand you need a hike. Every company promotes “employee motivation program” for loyal employees. Remember! you don’t have to switch too often in your online marketing journey. 

Our Team at knows you are a conqueror. You will achieve high digital marketing packages without a doubt! 

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