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The 3 biggest confusing corners of your life.

How To Discover Career Options?

top career options

Reliable comparison of career options

best career advice

How to switch careers easily to a new field?

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bright career ahead.

Paper Counselling Model

Where industry experts provide a candidate with an online sheet that comprises the questions which best describe a candidate’s behavior, strengths, weaknesses, interests, and caliber.

Answers to those questions will determine which career option is ideal for students, which company is ideal for fresher, and which organization is ideal for an experienced employee.


Remember a candidate can spoil their career if they decide on a career that is based on huge demand, high scope, high salary, or other rubbish methods.

Any sample of what questions would be like?

These are some of the most important questions for evaluation of optimum results and discovering passion.

Which candidate can avail paper counselling?

The Difference

Paper Counselling

Get counselling on the factors of your strengths, weaknesses, interest, and caliber.

Paper Counselling works to extract data like the below to provide optimum advice to students, freshers, and experienced employees –

  • Behavior evaluation (90% accurate)
  • Logical evaluation (95% accurate)
  • Interest evaluation (99% accurate)
  • Caliber evaluation (97% accurate)
  • Strength evaluation (99% accurate)
  • Weak points evaluation (99% accurate)

paper counselling accounts for the advice based on real-time analysis of students and accounts for 99% accurate results. Clear career vision.

Traditional Counselling

Traditional counselling – They call and elaborate career options based on huge demand, scope, and high salary as a fresher, Frankly speaking, which never happens. 

Traditional counsellingNo evaluation of student It starts with a script –

  • “the most demanding career field…”
  • “Learn how our student Sakshi secured 1 lac per month… “
  • many more sales hooks.

Traditional counselling – counsellors tend to trap students with sales hooks.

After completion of the course, the student tends to feel stuck and depressed as he/she didn’t go for proper analysis based on their behavior, strengths, weaknesses, interests, and caliber.

The biggest regret in life 

Hard-earned money spent on a wrong career option and wasted valuable time.

The Horrible Feeling

“I feel stuck”

“I have chosen the wrong career field”

Make regret - REGRET with the exclusive paper couselling of